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Trusting the Bad Boy: Chapter 06: Part 1

Brazilian. I cursed the word. Not the Brazilian people, of course, but the waxing procedure some sadistic a-hole invented. And I cursed Amy for introducing me to the concept and talking me into undergoing the Machiavellian procedure. My tender vittles hurt. I shifted...

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Fat Women: You Don’t Owe the World Your Attractiveness

The other day I posted a blog post, and before it went live to everyone, I had my Bestie check it out.  She said "I love the post, but I hate the picture you put with it. You need to change it." This was the picture: I asked her why she hated the picture?  I thought...

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Shifting Moon: Chapter One: Part Two

“Ugh. This isn’t helping at all,” I said to the still-green apple hovering over my head. Quiet meditation surrounded by my garden had always helped me clear my head when problems arose in the past. But these days trying to quiet my mind just seemed to lead me deeper...

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Shifting Moon: Chapter One: Part One

I’m not what I seem.  What people see on the surface—delicate features, ready smile, and white-blonde hair—belies something dark inside.  Something buried so deep that even I don’t know what is.  All I know is it’s crawling its way to the surface. The dark thoughts...

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Eat the Damned Cupcake: Introductions are Stupid

Introductions Are Stupid Just a couple of days ago I took one of my earliest published novels over to my neighbor. As we sat on her front porch she opened the book to peruse it, as people usually do. She flipped past the title page and landed on the introduction....

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Trusting The Bad Boy: Chapter 05

"Layla, this is Jenna McAllister, the clothing designer and adviser for my photo shoot project," Alden said, introducing the blond woman. "Nice to meet you," I said, taking her proffered hand. Amy cleared her throat next to me. "This is Amy." "Her best friend, and...

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