June Stevens Westerfield

Writer, Designer, Podcaster, Body Respect Advocate

June Stevens Westerfield is a writer, graphic designer, web designer, author branding consultant, and all-around June-of-all-things.

She writes romantic fiction in various sub-genres with strong, confident heroines. In addition to writing books to help other authors, collections of real-life stories that help give other women a voice.
When not working she can be found baking bread for the neighbors, trying to keep her garden alive, or snuggling on the sofa with her husband and four fur-babies binge watching Netflix.


About June

I’m June Stevens Westerfield.  Have you ever heard the phrase “Jack of All Trades?”  Well, I’m June of All Things.
In my current life I am a:

  • Published author with 17 books currently in print (and ebook) in multiple genres including: romantic fiction, body positive nonfiction, and nonfiction for writers.
  • Graphic designer
  • Website designer specializing in WordPress
  • Greeting card designer
  • Etsy Store Owner
  • Author Branding Consultant
  • Book Cover Artist
  • Podcaster/Host of June of All Things Podcast (though this one is new)
  • And general freelancer/independent contractor picking up whatever online freelance work I can get.


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