Shades of Love

True stories of love and romance, in all its crazy, strange, and messy glory

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Real love isn't romantic-comedy or romance book perfect.  Love is about trust, respect, and a million different things that tell you someone is the person for you.  As a romance author, I specialize in the sweet and sappy…. but real romance is often so much more or less.

Romance comes in so many forms.  Than moment when you just “know” this person is for you can be so many different things.  It can be that perfect, candlelight dinner.  Or it can be a date where everything goes wrong and one of you ends up in the emergency room with a shattered ankle.

That one moment when your breath is just taken away and you know you are head over heels in love forever can be grand and romantic like a gondola ride in Venice. But more often it's when they laugh so hard they spurt soda out of their nose, or they are carrying your sleeping kid after a long day at the zoo.

Love is stronger than all the odds that life can throw at you.  Perhaps your love story is about loving someone others didn't approve of.  Or it could be about someone helping you through a hard time.  Or you helping them through a hard time, when someone else might have left. Or overcoming life obstacles for love…or because of it.


What is your love story?