Shifting Moon

Moon Sisters Book Four

Work In Progress

River Moon as been coddled and protected by her adopted family since they found her alone in a boat on the river as a baby. She loves them with all of her soul, and they love her. But would they if they knew her deepest secret? There’s something dark deep inside her and she can feel it clawing its way out. She’s not sure how much longer she can keep it down, and she fears what will happen if she lets it free. And that’s the least of her problems. There’s something even worse coming for her. She’s seen it in her dreams, and in her waking visions. Her only chance to save herself and her adopted family is to leave them and trust a stranger to help her finally learn the truth of her past before it’s too late.

In order to survive her past, River will have to find a power deep inside her she never knew existed.

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A note about Works In Progress: I probably have more of the book written than you can see at this time.  I write in a non-linear fashion. This simply means I often write scenes out of order, then go back to the beginning and fill in what I have outlined with more scenes.  While you may only see a chapter or two, I probably have half the book (or more) written.  Just be patient with me. 🙂

This is a Work In Progress posted as I write it.  There WILL be errors.  Please do not point them out, I promise I’ll get to them.  Once the manuscript is complete, it will stay up an additional two weeks, then pulled down for revisions, editing, polishing and eventually, publishing.  

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Shifting Moon: Chapter One: Part Two

“Ugh. This isn’t helping at all,” I said to the still-green apple hovering over my head. Quiet meditation surrounded by my garden had always helped me clear my head when problems arose in the past. But these days trying to quiet my mind just seemed to lead me deeper...

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