This is My Body:

Women Talk About Their Relationships with Their Bodies

Have you ever struggled with your body image or felt as if you don't measure up? If you said yes, you are not alone.

In “This is My Body” 25 women share their deepest truths about their relationships with their bodies and their journeys to self-acceptance and love. These stories are poignant and relate-able.



“Being Small Doesn't Mean Self Love

I've never been big, not my traditional standards, but I have been skinny. During my teen years, I had eating issues. I had an abusive mom, who also had a serious mental illness, and so eating didn't happen often.”

“I will be turning 50 this year. I weigh around 250 and really wanted to lose over 100 pounds before my birthday but that isn’t happening.”

“I honestly struggle with loving myself each and every day. Most days I don’t love anything about myself, but other days it’s easier to find something about myself that I like. While growing up, I was told I wasn’t good enough, and that has been deeply ingrained into my very soul.”

Tell Your Story

The “This is My Body Project” Series has officially been renamed “Women's Truth Project“.

The series of books/articles of collected true stories of women won't just be about how we see our bodies in terms of beauty.  The stories from “This is My Body” were so powerful to me, that I want to continue giving back to the community of women by providing a platform for women to tell the stories that shape them, who they are, how they feel about themselves, their bodies, and the world.  To contribute your story to one of the other topics in the series, check out the project's main page.


I'm so excited about continuing what we started in “This is My Body.”

So many women have emailed me or messaged me and let me know how much “This is My Body” had helped them.  I'd put it aside for a while, but it feels so important to me, it's time to get restarted and continue on.

Stories that are shared here with me will be used in various ways.  I have to have a minimum of 100 to go to print on a book.  But even if I don't make that count, I'll be continuing the project on my blog, on posts on Medium, and possibly other ways.

This is your chance to be a part of the project.  Whatever your story is, you aren't alone.  And by telling it, you help others to know they aren't alone either.

Want to tell your story, but don't know where to start?

First, let me say, all bodies and all stories are welcome here.  It doesn't matter how small or big you are. If you identify as a woman, or feminine non-binary, your story is welcome here.  Any age, any race, any cultural heritage.  Your voice matters here.   All body relationships welcome here.  If you love your body, we want to hear about it.  If you hate it, talk about it.  If you have come to a neutral pace, tell us about it.

The stories for this project are specifically about your relationship with your body.  I've put together a few guide questions to help you get started.  You don't have to answer all, or even any of them.  And you shouldn't form your story strictly as answers to the questions.  Just use them as guides to help you decide what you want to speak about.

  • On a general day-to-day basis, how do you feel about your body? Mostly love, mostly hate, mostly ignore it?
  • Have you always felt that way? Has something changed? How did the change come about?
  • How'd you feel about your body as a child/teen? How were you treated by others, including your family, in regards to your body?
  • We start forming a relationship with our bodies at an early age, and our mothers, or other adult women in our lives, are a big part of that.  How they talk about themselves, or how they train us to treat ourselves.  How did the women in your life affect your body image?
  • Do you consider yourself healthy?  Does the rest of the world? How does this affect your body image?
  • Do you have an invisible illness/disease, a physical disability, or a chronic illness or pain?  How does this affect your relationship with your body?
  • Have you ever had a traumatic experience that affected the way you feel about your body?
  • If you are a mother to daughters, has that changed the way you see your own body or how you speak about your body around others?