Trusting the Bad Boy

Work In Progress

The not-so-shy fat girl…

Layla Harper has no problem with who she is. She’ll never be a beauty queen, but she doesn’t care. She does have a problem with guys who think she is easy because she’s fat. And drop-your-panties-sexy Alden Cortland just became her #1 problem.

The rich boy with a past…

Alden is the disgrace of his family. Which is why he has been sent to a small college in the backwoods of Tennessee, out of the media spotlight, out of mind. He is completely focused on getting his degree and taking off to start his career on the other side of the camera. Until he lays eyes on Layla Harper.  She has no clue how beautiful she is, but he is determined to help her find out.

(Previously titled Just As You Are–will be published under this new title with this new cover.)

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A note about Works In Progress: I probably have more of the book written than you can see at this time.  I write in a non-linear fashion. This simply means I often write scenes out of order, then go back to the beginning and fill in what I have outlined with more scenes.  While you may only see a chapter or two, I probably have half the book (or more) written.  Just be patient with me. 🙂

This is a Work In Progress posted as I write it.  There WILL be errors.  Please do not point them out, I promise I’ll get to them.  Once the manuscript is complete, it will stay up an additional two weeks, then pulled down for revisions, editing, polishing and eventually, publishing.  

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